Feline Butcher Informs Us How to Detox Healthily

A diagram of the human liver.In this blog post Feline Butcher informs us how to detox healthily. A lot of people may not know that when we are detoxing, it is our liver that is doing all the work to break down the toxic substances in our body.This requires essential nutrients, in order to do this effectively and without harming the body. If you get the bright idea of starving yourself or eating an inadequate diet, in the hopes that the detox will work better for you and the see the weight slide off, then that’s where you have gone amiss. Going without food will only weaken your liver.

To understand detox,  you have to understand the process. The body collects processed toxins that are incapable of being excreted, inside fatty tissues. When an individual loses weight, the toxins are re-released once again into the body’s system, which could create damage without the correct form of detoxification. If a person loses weight too quickly, then a lot of toxins are set free form the fat cells. This will put tremendous strain on your liver to work harder and faster to keep up with the amount of toxins that it needs to filter. Some people’s liver do not have the genetic ability or nutritional foundation to metabolize the toxins, which can lead to toxic reactions and health issues.

The liver handles most of the detoxification processes in two steps, which are Phase I and Phase II. Some toxins are processed through either one of the phases, however most toxins require both steps so the toxins are safely eliminated form the body.  Changes in the toxin takes place in Phase I and from there it can attach to another molecule and go to the kidneys to be washed away with urine, or to the fat cells as storage. In Phase II the proper molecule connects to the toxin. Although, for this to occur both phases must be balanced and matched properly. Your genes also dictate the Phases timing and rhythm.

Feline Kondula Butcher and her team offer Detoxification Programs that are tailor made for each individual, since everybody’s natural detoxification abilities are different. Detox programs such as maple syrup and lemons are not advised, and are not given at the Nutrikon Wellness Centre.

The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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